the sale of the assets of CJSC "Winery "Tikhoretsky"

The auction organizer - FE Ivanov A.The acting is pleased to announce the auction in the electronic form, open composition of participants and form of submission of price proposals for the sale of property situated in the industrial area at the address:

Russian Federation, Krasnodar territory, Tikhoretsk, Ul. of the World, D. 9, owned by CJSC "Winery Tikhoretsky" (OGRN 1022303187257, INN 2321001698, the address: Russia, Krasnodar region, Tikhoretsk, Ul. Peace, D. 9) in respect of which the decision of the Arbitration court of Krasnodar region from 31.03.11, in the case A32-1086/2010 bankruptcy proceedings, the bankruptcy Trustee approved by the Yakovlev Yulia Yurievna (TIN 100121385855, SNILS 12869103677), member of the NP "the Moscow self-regulatory professional organization of arbitration managers (, Moscow, street Cherry, D. 5, INN 7701321710, OGRN 1027701024878): Lot # 1: the property of the production base, including objects owned by the seller on the ownership and located on a land plot with cadastral number 23:50:0203013:24, area 147 267 square metres, held by seller on the right of perpetual use, provided with electricity, gas, Sewerage, water supply from well implemented as a single lot:

1) the Garage, letter M, Annex, letter G area 561,9 square meters, 2) Building a wine shop with alcohol cellar, liter B, B1, square 1209,9 square meters, 3) Administrative building, letter G, basement, letter under/G, Annex, letter g, vestibule, letters G1, vestibule, letters G2 area 1215,7 square feet; 4) The boiler house, letter To, extension, type K1, extension, type, extension, type K1, area 382,5 square feet; 5) The building of STROYTECH, letter G square 208,7 square meters; 6) the production Department of water and alcohol, letter G4, Annex, letter G5, warehouse, letter G, Annex, letter G, sportbase, letter G area 3241,6 square meters; 7) Building bottling, letters G2, platform extension, letter G3 G area 4359,1 square feet; 8) storage inventory area of 25.2 square feet; 9) the floor area of 12.6 square meters; 10) a Juice shop with laboratory, liter a, Annex, letter G, vestibule, letter G area 896,9 square feet; 11) the Weight, letter G6, G7, area 163,4 square feet; 12) Garage, letter G8, an area of 15.3 square meters; 13) Garage, letters G, cellar, letter under/G area 50,1 square feet; 14) Building diesel power, liter V with an area of 37 square meters; 15) Building mechanical shop, letter W, Annex, letter W, area 341,5 square feet; 16) Sauna, letter In the extension area 90.6 sq.m.; 17) Gatehouse, letter U, the area of 28.4 square meters; 18) warehouse Building granaries, letter e, area 1062,1 square meters; 19) Building a warehouse for grain refinement, letter I, area 1079,6 square feet; 20) tennis court, citing policy number G27; 21) Heat networks; 22) Articaine; 23) Asphalt Playground; 24) Water supply network; 25) the Sewage network