By 2016th year in Russia it is necessary to liquidate turn in preschool institutions.

This decree of the President of our country is successfully carried out in Kuban. I didn't become an exception and the Tikhoretsky area. The new kindergarten is put in operation in municipality. Nearly 15 years the kindergarten in the village South Northern staid the thrown. In 2011 garden reconstruction began. Considerable funds were allocated for it from the regional and regional budget. The ceremonial opening of the restored preschool institution took place today, on January 13. The symbolical key from the building was brought to guests of a holiday by the fantastic hero the garden is called which name, - Buratino.

The head of the area Anatoly Perepelin congratulated now kindergartners, their parents and tutors. As the head of municipality noted, kindergartens in our area didn't open since 1994. By the way, "Buratino's" one more distinctive feature is an existence of yaselny group. Preschool children received gifts from guests. These are developing toys, sets for creativity. Now in a garden children's voices again began to sound. Boys and little girls told verses and sang songs. Participants of a holiday passed through the updated building. Here game rooms, bedrooms, catering departments are equipped.

The new kindergarten is calculated on 95 places. By 2016th year in our area one and a half thousand more will be entered. In Kuban about elimination of places in preschool institutions the special attention is paid to implementation of the decree of the President. The edge puts huge amounts of money in the solution of a "children's" problem which is particularly acute in many cities and areas. In 2013 in the region 10 thousand new places in kindergartens were created.

In it it was enclosed more than 5 billion rubles from the regional budget.