The delegation of the municipality Tikhoretsky district traditionally took part in the XII International investment forum "Sochi-2014" and returned with a weighty baggage signed investment agreements.

Signed 6 agreements of intent on the implementation of investment projects with a total investment of 4703,7 million rubles, including: 5 agreements in the sphere of housing construction, with a total investment 4681 million, plans to create 68 jobs; the agreement on construction of a multifunctional sports complex, with a total investment of 50 million, plans to create 35 jobs. Implementation of these investment projects will increase the amount of annual tax payments to budgets of all levels Tikhoretsky district 19.5 million, including the consolidated budget of the region to 10.1 million.

 Summing up the results of the Forum "Sochi-2014", we note that a consequence of the implementation of major investment agreements as a rule, is the increase in the total number of businesses, the increase in the output of goods and services, the growth in the total number of the population employed in the economy, creating jobs, reducing the number of unemployed, increase in salary which ultimately will be beneficial for improving the lives of the inhabitants of each district.